Friday January 23, 2015 CPAC goes online and publishes it's first issue of Canadian Concrete Pumpers a magizine directed to pumpers in Canada. The publication showcases articles on important Canadian projects currently ongoing, Safety awareness, Elements of pumping concrete in Canada and some of our history of Concrete Pumpers in Canada. It was also aimed to raise awareness of our association CPAC (Concrete Pumping Association of Canada) an association created to join concrete pumping companies across our Nation amd lobby as one unified voice on issues facing our industry.

Click to view the CPAC Magazine or it can be found on on the message board under heading Nice, exciting and all about Canada and concrete pumping

  • Recognition that your company is providing a high standard of safety for equipment, operators, and on site practices
  • Benefit from CPAC promoting use of our members within the construction industry as credible concrete pumping entities
  • Having a say in how the concrete pumping industry in Canada should move forward
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Set yourself apart and become one of Canadas recognized CPAC members. As a CPAC member you will effectively promote an industry setting standard for safety for equipment, operators and on site practice.

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